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Practical Ministry Identity

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Practical Ministry Identy 

Program Description:

This course is a part of the Practical Ministry Identity program for Price University. The Practical Ministry Identity Program is designed as a primer for potential future Price University Practical Ministry Program candidates. Through this program, students will gain knowledge of the fundamental foundations of ministry identity. In preparation for potential ministry education and training, this program gives students the keys of identity that are critical to their future success. Who students represent, what the nature of their God’s kingdom is and the motivation of their sovereign’s born-again commandment is central to instruction gained through the Practical Ministry Identity curriculum. Students that successfully complete this will be prepared to take on the next strata of ministerial development and academic requirements.

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Course Details

Course Length

This is a self-paced course for ministry education preparation. Once you have completed your program requirements, you will receive a certificate of completion at the end of your program of study.

Terms and Payments

There is a one-time payment to access our courses. All course payments are non-refundable. Please be sure to thoroughly review course descriptions and requirements before purchasing. All courses will be made available immediately upon purchase.

Disclaimers & Guarantees

Practical Ministry Identity program is for ministry education preparation purposes only. There are no other credentials conferred by way of this program. This program does not license you as a minister.

Certificate of Completion

You will receive a certificate once you have completed all courses in your program of study. This certificate of completion will be automatically generated as proof of meeting all requirements. Students who pass will qualify for acceptance to Price University’s Practical Ministry Program.

Work submissions

All coursework will be submitted in your online course portal to your Price University Professor. Your modules will include instructions on where to submit work.

Assignments & Grades

All assignments will be submitted online and graded by an assigned Price University Professor. Information pertaining to your course performance can be found by logging into your online portal. You will see a transcript of your completed courses and grades. Course feedback can also be found in your course portal. Any questions related to these should be directed to your Price University professor. This includes assistance with homework assignments, final grades, and the like. If you need help with coursework you can always schedule academic coaching sessions with one of our University professionals. These can be scheduled by visiting For more information please contact us at [email protected] contact us at [email protected].

Drop or Withdrawals

Students upon successful payment will have perpetual access to this program and materials. Dropping or withdrawing from the program will not alter access to the program information. Should you accidentally withdraw you will need to notify your school administrator for re-admittance to the course.

Copyright Disclaimers

All materials have been copyrighted by Price University with all rights reserved. Any reproduction, manufacturing, copying, printing, streaming, recording, presenting, or duplicating of its products and materials is illegal unless given express written permission by Price University. Access to the materials is for educational purposes only and should not be used in conjunction with any other unauthorized activity. All intellectual property laws apply. Additionally, misuse of access will be considered an ethical violation of ministerial and student conduct and be subject to the associated penalties. This includes sharing information and materials with non-students, using information and materials as a part of conferences, services, and live events, and circumventing the official affiliate campus’ structure and agreements. Each participant should be fully enrolled as a student before granting access to this information.

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