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Practical Ministry


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Practical Ministry Diploma

Program Purpose: To inform students spiritually, ministerially, and academically to undertake the ever-changing demands of 21st Century ministry service.

Entrance Requirements

Practical Ministry Diploma

Practical Ministry General

Practical Ministry Cert

Program Description

Our Practical Ministry Service Program is a ministry concepts and acclimation program designed to provide students with a conceptual knowledge of God’s kingdom office essentials. It paints broad stroke pictures of biblical ministry in the future.

Price University Diploma students receive a brief overview of Christian ministry foundations. As a mainly orientation program, it is designed to provide students with a summary knowledge of God and kingdom, especially its offices. Diploma is awarded when the essentials necessary for competent service as a minister are well demonstrated.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the Practical Ministry diploma program are to:

    • Provide a synoptic overview of Christian ministry and its practices, perspectives, and attitudes as needed to fulfill or ably support the duties and initiatives of a ministry position.
    • Provide a general understanding of apostolic and prophetic foundations as scripture’s organic root to accustom students to the uniqueness of Apostolic Christianity as the ecclesia’s taproot.
    • Frame and enlarge student’s consciousness formatted and trained to traditional evangelical ideas only to adapt apostleship as the Bible’s organic foundation so they know how to attract, appeal to, and transform their followers, students, and mentees into Apostolic Christians according to Scripture.
    • Reiterate the psyche and behaviors Christ’s new creation developments such as salvation and redemption fostered by the principles of the Holy Spirit’s seal, sanctification, and sovereignty in and over the believer.
    • Draw comparative lines between religion versus redemption and culture versus Christianity so students can propagate and defend their education in the church and the world.
    • Motivate the student’s learning path from typical gift expression dominance to the Lord’s rationale for office execution and how the two work together in active ministry.
    • Draw critical parallels between student private devotions to show how they must change for student to become effective in service to public office.
    • Illustrate for students God as a savior and sovereign separately and jointly through lectures and examples on the Godhead.
    • Expound on for students the fundaments of threefold and five-fold leadership and their duty to kingdom service and government.
    • Review routine ministry acts that are spiritually utilized, such as spiritual gifts, prophecy, priestly service and more for theory to make its way into practice for students to replace idealic conceptions with down to earth realities.
  • R2 Years
  • R17 Credit Hour Program
  • R80% or Higher to Pass
  • R4 - Week Course Rotation
  • R$275 per Course
  • RDownload Degree Plan

About The Program


Practical Ministry offers a certified Ministry Diploma upon completion of the program to qualified students. This includes eligibility for licensure or ordination. (See Ministry Credentialing Program for details)

Provisional Acceptance

Students can enroll into the Practical Ministry Program with a minimum of a high school diploma or higher.

Program Qualifications

  • Students received a readiness score of 50% or higher for their Ministry Readiness Quotient on the Ministry Assessment Questionnaire.

  • Students Bible Knowledge Survey scores are 60% or higher.

  • Students overall entrance screening scores are 50% or above

Program Length

The Practical Ministry Program length can vary according to the students course schedule. It is designed to be a minimum of 12 months and maximum of 48 months. It’s flexible pace allows students to complete their education while still pursuing their professional goals.

Practicum Session Grades & Criteria

Students will receive a final grade at the end of each session. Grades will be based on students performance, participation, and proficiency. Sessions grades will be determined using a point system for each activity required in the program.

Program Objectives

  • Provide a synoptic overview of Christian ministry practices, perspectives, and attitudes needed to occupy a ministry position.

  • Provide a general understanding of apostolic and prophetic foundations as scriptures organic root.

  • Shift student’s consciousness from traditional evangelicalism only to include apostleship as the bible’s organic foundation.

  • Reinforce new creation essentials such as salvation and redemption and principles of the Holy Spirit.

  • Differentiate between religion versus redemption and culture versus Christianity.

  • Migrate the student’s learning path from standard gift expression to position effectiveness

  • Advance student from private devotional service to public office

  • Help students understand God as both savior and sovereign

  • Introduce the fundaments of five-fold leadership and kingdom government

  • Review standard ministry requisites such as spiritual gifts, prophecy, priestly service and more.

Program Activities

  • Four to Eight Lectures per month

  • Four to Eight Reading Assignments

  • Four Tests (1 per week minimum)

  • One Mid-Month Competency Assignment

  • One End of Month Competency Assignment Weekly Discussion Activities

Texts and Resources

Determined by each class session.

Course Plan

Questions, Further Assistance, Consultation

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