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Practical Ministry


We aim to arouse and focus awakening and developing interests and turn them into core competencies that make for effective ministers.

Practical Ministry Certificate

Program Purpose: To awaken students spiritually, ministerially, and academically to what the ever-changing demands of 21st century ministry service involve, using scripture narratives and illustrations.

Entrance Requirements

Practical Ministry Diploma

Practical Ministry Certificate

Practical Ministry Cert

Program Goal

To arouse and focus awakening and developing interests and turn them into core competencies that make for effective ministers. Besides these, lay the groundwork for the Kingdom ministry proficiencies needed for entrance into standard ministry service.

Program Objectives

    • Provide a sketch overview of Christian ministry practices, some of its perspectives, and the attitudes needed to answer a ministry call.
    • Provide a basic understanding of apostolic and prophetic foundations as scripture’s organic root to affix their important legacy to contemporary Christian ministry and their adaptations to the modern world.
    • Point student’s consciousness away from strictly traditional evangelicalism to impress upon them the Bible’s organic foundations and the two mantles that authored them; namely the apostles and prophets showing how their absence contributed to the biblical church’s demise.
    • Reinforce new creation essentials such as sanctification and redemption, and the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of Christian converts as a result of them.
    • Differentiate between religion and redemption as well as culture versus Christianity or spirituality in general.
    • Initiate and illustrate the student’s learning path from standard gift expression to office execution, to occupy, or work with those ministers that occupy a ministry office.
    • Underscore the important distinctions between students’ private devotional service and public office service.
    • Help students understand Jesus Christ, God’s Son as both Savior and sovereign, eternal and human.
    • Introduce the fundaments of five-fold leadership as distinguished from Kingdom government and where the two meet and separate.
    • Review standard ministry requisites such as spiritual gifts, prophecy, priestly service and more.

    Course Details


    There are 12 classes/sessions in your Practical Ministry Certificate Program

    Program Session and Length

    Sessions will run for 30 days. At the end of a 30-day period, students will be assessed on their completion of the subject of that session before starting a new subject at the top of the next month.

    Automatic progression to the next subject based on completion alone is not awarded.

    Program Session Grades & Criteria

    Students will receive a final grade at the end of each session. Grades will be based on students’ performance, participation, and proficiency.

    Sessions grades will be determined using a point system for each activity required in the program.

    Program Activities

    • 4-8 Lectures per month
    • 4-8 Reading Assignments
    • 4 Tests (1 per week minimum)
    • 1 Mid-Month Competency Assignment
    • 1 End of Month Competency Assignment Weekly Discussion Activities

    Homework, Assignments, Submissions, Tracking

    The program syllabus and student requirements will be available through the Canvas classroom, introduced during student orientation.

    Lectures will be conducted online as necessary throughout their program.

    Access to online lectures will be given via this platform.

    Quizzes and exams will be completed via the student classroom. Instructions and other requirements will be explained for each assignment.

    Students will receive assignments, submit assignments, and access their grades here as well.

    Course Plan

    Call us at 877-419-1299.