Price University offers flexible and affordable education for its students.

Note, if you are interested in a Self-Study 4-6 week Continuing Education course, please visit this page for your enrollment requirements.

If you are enrolling in a credit-based, Single Enrollment eligible Single Course only, please follow the Single Enrollment steps here.

For all other applicants, please follow the steps below. You must schedule your interview for all of your admissions submissions to be reviewed.

    Admissions Process

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    Tuition Payment Options

    Price University offers the following payment plan options:


    Payment in full by exact amount in cash, cashier’s check, or money order payable to Price University can be made at the Finance Office during business hours. In addition, students have access to make full payment online through the Student Portal where a credit card or check can be processed.


    This plan payment structure is based on the student’s course choice or enrolled program. It will allow students a flexible payment option to cover their tuition expenses. It is not a loan program. There are no finance charges assessed and there is no credit check for participating in this plan. Student will have the option to make payments via:

    • Automatic Bank Payment (ACH)
    • Check
    • Credit Card

    Details about installment due dates and payment plans are available upon acceptance into Price U and registration in a course or program.

    *NOTE: Registration in additional courses after enrollment in a payment plan will require modification of the payment plan to reflect the new tuition charges.

    Important to Know


    Each semester, students will pay a one-time Technology Fee. Other fees will apply where applicable (for example, the Administrative Fee for setting up a Payment Plan, Expedited Enrollment Fee, a Graduation Fee, a Late Payment Fee for tuition paid after the 5-day grace period).


    • Tuition Due Dates: Each semester, tuition payments are due on the 1st of each month.
    • Grace Period: There is a 5-day grace period for monthly tuition payments before a late fee is incurred.


    • Students will need to officially withdraw from the University. To do this, students need to submit a “Withdraw from Class” form located on the Student Portal (go to Price.University and navigate to Forms). Notifying the Administrative Office with this online form will start the process of reviewing the request to withdraw and assess applicable prorated refund of tuition less applicable fees and an administrative fee of $100. Failure to attend classes does not constitute withdrawal from the University and students are financially responsible for the cost of their enrollment up to the time of an official withdrawal.


    The date of an official withdrawal is the date the student completes the
    “Withdraw from a Class” form from the Student Portal on Price University’s website.


    • Based on your enrolled course or program and the date the student withdraws from school, the account will be reviewed, and a Withdrawal Response Letter will be sent.
    • To review the Tuition Policy, go to your student portal to access this policy.

    Call us at 877-419-1299.