Price University Fayetteville (C2C)

Honor Code

Making the decision to become one of God’s best and brightest leaders of the future, starts here and now. We are so excited that you are choosing to pursue a higher education degree with Price University.

Honor Code

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Price U’s Honor Code

Price University’s core values are fidelity to God’s word as inspired and disseminated truth; allegiance to Jesus Christ, loyalty to the Holy Spirit as the Godhead’s earthly steward of His new creation population of redeemed souls on earth. The gauge it uses for these include but are not limited to:

    • Guarding the Ecclesia.
    • Governing His church.
    • Guiding His generation.
    • Disseminating Christ’s Gospel.
    • Infusing His world with His righteousness.
    • Reflecting and articulating God’s mind, will, and character in human affairs and public service.
    • Bringing the Lord’s answers, solutions, providences, and protection to upgrade the global human experience to its Creator’s intents and accomplishments for it.

In keeping with these values, Price U applicants must read thoroughly and indicate their agreement with the school’s honor code. If you are not clear or not in agreement with any of the items defined in the honor code, further counsel is advised before proceeding with the application.

Begin with the following form.

Price U Fay’s Honor Code