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Making the decision to become one of God’s best and brightest leaders of the future, starts here and now. We are so excited that you are choosing to pursue a higher education degree with Price University.

About Price U Fay

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    About C2C

    Introduction to Price University Fayetteville

    C2C is now an official affiliate campus in collaboration with Price University. As an affiliate, C2C will offer university level ordination readiness education courses and programs to support its vision of stocking the God’s kingdom with church and marketplace prophets. Price University will partner in facilitating these courses and programs by participating in a hybrid learning model that combines online and live instruction that offers students a well-rounded learning experience.

    The Purpose of this School is to:

    • Provide the Lord Jesus Christ with informed, knowledgeable, and competent ministers to accomplish apostleship according to Acts 26:16-18 and 1 Corinthians 10:13, 16;
    • Elevate apostles, prophets, the apostolic-prophetic in the church and the world from their presently lowly, incidental ministry status to a viable, strategic implement in the Lord’s hand;
    • Maintain a credible graduate level institution; to educate and train apostles and prophets, apostolic and prophetic people to enlarge, enrich, and perpetuate God’s eternal ecclesiastical embassy’s dispensation of Kingdom knowledge and wisdom, through proven skills and abilities that enable and excel prudent visions and ventures; and
    • Operate a fully functioning postgraduate institution, offering quality Kingdom-of-God-driven academic programs, which educate and accredit apostles, prophets, apostolic and prophetic ministers and leaders, thereby competently equipping them for twenty-first century ministry, both within and outside of the Church.

    About Price University

    Price University is a unique post-secondary institution of higher learning for Christian education, that in many ways goes far beyond current Christian academic offerings. It is fully dedicated to the vision, aims, purposes, and exemplary work of Jesus Christ in the earth, as He gave it to His apostles and prophets. Its diverse concentrations and disciplines focus on the first and second ministers of 1 Corinthians 12:28, namely the apostle and prophet respectively, to facilitate their reinstatement at the head of His Church and to recover and shield it from the gates of hell that Jesus vowed would never overtake it.

    The primary emphasis of Price University is excellence in kingdom leadership education, rooted in a faithfully adhered to, biblically sound education platform. We chose such an emphasis because of how history records Scripture’s uncontestable success – that of conforming God’s New Creation Church to His prototypical organization and government according Jesus’ mantle and models, executed by His apostles, and upheld by His prophets and their proprietary dispensation.

    From the Founder of Price University

    All of us at Price U are enthusiastic at the prospect of connecting your future with our mission.”

    Our prayer for you is that you journey with us to embody the university’s vision for God’s Kingdom leaders today. We look forward to having you come aboard with our mission and welcome your partnership with us in this endeavor as a student, instructor, or collaborator. All of us at Price U are enthusiastic at the prospect of connecting your future with our mission. Since we have much to offer you at our school, I invite you to explore our catalog to see the rich programs we designed with you in mind. – Dr. Paula Price


    The University’s core values are fidelity to God’s word as inspired and disseminated truth; allegiance to Jesus Christ, loyalty to the Holy Spirit as the Godhead’s earthly steward of His new creation population of redeemed souls on earth. The gauge it uses for these includes but are not limited to:

      • Guarding the Ecclesia
      • Governing His Church
      • Guiding His generation
      • Disseminating Christ’s Gospel
      • Infusing His world with His righteousness
      • Reflecting and articulating God’s mind, will, and character in human affairs and public service
      • Bringing the Lord’s answers, solutions, providences and protection to upgrade the global human experience to its Creator’s intents and accomplishments for it.

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