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Empowering and Authorizing Responsibly

We at C2C Equipping College (Price U Fay) believe that in order to stem the tide of incompetent and novice (regardless of length of service) leaders in the Kingdom we must shift our current mode of empowering and authorizing.

P. M. Identity

The Practical Ministry Identity Program is designed as a primer for potential future Price University Practical Ministry Program candidates.


P. M. Certificate

Our Practical Ministry Certificate program is designed to provide a sketch overview of Christian ministry practices, some of its perspectives, and necessary attitudes.

P. M. Diploma

Our Practical Ministry Service Diploma Program is a ministry concepts and acclimation program designed to provide students with a conceptual knowledge of God’s kingdom office essentials.

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Five words best describe and project Price University’s founding mission:











Missionarily speaking, V.I.V.A.S. expresses how Price University graduates carry out Matthew 28. Aside from doing so apostolically and prophetically, they do so by giving the Lord Jesus Christ:

    • A Voice in world affairs
    • An Influence in global decision making
    • A Vote in world politics
    • Access to world powers and dealings
    • A Seat at world tables

All from His Creator foundation and perspective, the Price University founding mission is to attract, enroll, and graduate future leaders to carry out the Great Commission apostolically and prophetically using Ephesians 2:20 as its scriptural basis.

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Price U Fayetteville offers first-rate academic programs to challenge, motivate and feed the passion for excellence in Jesus Christ. We graduate students who are outstanding because we exist to “stand-out.”

What our Students Say

Here are first-hand accounts of what it is like to study at Price U and the impact that it can make on the trajectory of your life and ministry.

Enrolling into the Practical Ministry Service program as a student at Price University has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made academically.

The professors and staff at Price University are genuinely adamant about ensuring that each student receives the most exceptional education experience and academic success while enrolled in the University.

Price U Fayetteville Faculty

Our staff and faculty are committed to serving you through the collective use of our acquired skills and professional expertise. Our desire is to lead you into Creator God’s future, equipped and ready to win for Him.

Dellaresa Woodert

Dr. Tracy Waterford



Dellaresa Woodert

Dr. Dwayne Waterford

Campus Director


Dellaresa Woodert

Ms. Phoebe Mitchell

Student Administrator


Dellaresa Woodert

La Sahnnon Boozer

Asst Student Admin


Dellaresa Woodert

Ms. Lisa Waller

Board Member


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